ZIA ORPHANAGE CASE: Judge still correcting verdict: এখনও রায় সংশোধন করছেন জজ!

The judge continued revising and correcting till Monday the verdict pronounced on February 8 sentencing Bangladesh Nationalist Party to imprisonment for five years in Zia Orphanage Trust case.

Khaleda’s lawyer Aminul Islam told New Age that he was informed by the court officials that the verdict was still being corrected by the judge.
He said that Khaleda awaiting the certified copy of the verdict to appeal against it.

Aminul said that Kaleda’s lawyer Sanaullah Mia on Monday submitted stamps of Tk 5,000 and relevant papers to the trial court’s copying department for getting the certified copy.

On February 8, Dhaka special court 5’s judge Md Akhteruzzaman read out the operative part of a 632-page verdict.

Anti-Corruption Commission prosecutor Mosharraf Hossain Kazal said that it would take time to write and type the 632-page verdict before issuing the certified copy.

He said that the commission was not in a hurry to get the certified copy.
Former district judge and Supreme Court registrar Ikteder Ahmed told New Age that the full verdict must be read out in open court and it has to be signed in open court, according to Section 369 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

বেগম খালেদা জিয়ার বিরুদ্ধে রায় ঘোষণা করার ৫ দিন অতিবাহিত হতে চলল, অথচ এখনও জজ সাহেবনাকি রায় সংশোধন করছেন! প্রশ্ন হলো, এই রায় কি অন্যের লেখা? উনি কি আগে রায় দেখেন নি?

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